Early Years Excellence In Practice

Hybrid International Conference: in-person in Athens, Greece & online

December 9-11, 2022

Join Us and Help Us move the sector and early childhood practice forward 

2022 Conference Tracks


Who Should Attend:

Track 1: for typically developing children aged 0-5Y
Track 2: for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Early Childhood educators, Managers of early childhood services, Occupational therapists,  Special educators, Government representatives, Advocacy organizations, Policy Makers, Parent Educators, Psychologists, Physicians & Allied Health professionals, Social Workers   

Track 3: Parent Conference 

  • Parents & caregivers
Child-Led Inclusive Play Through Children's Eyes
Call For Submission of Case Studies
The 2022 conference will be highlighting successful, innovative approaches to child-led, inclusive play to support children 2 to 6 years of age. Share  successful, practical inclusive play strategies, practices and tools with Early Childhood professionals across the world in a unique journal, the 
        1st Early Years Playbook: Child-Led Inclusive Play Through Children’s Eyes
                                    Submissions due by Friday September 30, 2022 
                                               Click Here For detailed information