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  • The virtual option is so convenient, thank you.
  • Everything was perfect.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. All the experts were brilliant in their fields.
  • My deepest gratitude to Bright Start for organizing this conference that I got to attend from my home in Mumbai, India.
  • I’m really thankful for you all, it was amazing!
  • Even though I prefer the face to face interaction, I found the platform used very friendly and allows us to go back and see sessions we might have missed.
  • It was a wonderful experience to attend the online conference and I will implement the best practice in my setting. Thank you.
  • Well done, to have excellent expertise from all over the globe in one event need tremendous effort. Thank you.
  • I was very satisfied that I attended the conference and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to develop their teaching skills. Can’t wait to participate in the next coming conference.
  • Please make the online attendance a permanent feature. It is not always possible to travel to attend the conference.
  • A great experience
  • The conference was ground breaking. Truly remarkable achievement. Well done.
  • Just wanted to send huge congratulations to the team at Bright Start for getting this off the ground. The involvement of over 40 countries is a phenomenal achievement.

Statistics are based on 518 participants’ responses who completed the post conference feedback questionnaires by February 22nd, 202