The Project

The Voices of Children International Project draws upon artworks, photographic images and written responses contributed by children from many different countries.

Children aged 3-6 years are invited to submit their artworks which describe their place in the world, including a brief written or recorded message.

Mission Statement

Children can and should influence the world around them. Through art children are empowered to share what is special about their lives, producing and creating individual and unique responses to share with other children across the world.


The global pandemic impacting the world today has provided an impetus for children to become more globally aware, the need to care and have empathy for others and sustained time to better understand themselves and others. The Voices of Children project will clearly fulfill these aims.

Parents and educators play a significant role in assuring a child’s positive identity.

Educators, parents and children work together to create special artworks, which reflect the culture, or world in which they live. Harnessing the power of the Web children are able to share, explore other cultures and communicate visually to become a special community of “Voices of Children” participants.

The culmination of the project will be the launch of the “1st Voices of Children online Gallery” that will feature key pieces of artwork that connect children across the globe.

“Children’s agency shapes children’s experiences of becoming”


‘’Children are capable of being active research participants’’

(Pyle, 2013)


Preschool Educational Centers will be invited to participate in the Voices of Children International Project


Children will be invited to create artworks and host their own Art Gallery in the L.A.U.G.H App


Early Childhood educators will select children’s artifacts & messages ”Message of Hope”, to be displayed on the 1st Voices of Children International online Gallery that will open to the world in April 2022.


1st Voices of Children National Exhibition at a country level in May or June 2022.


Evaluation Study: an evaluation of the initiative will be undertaken. An academic analysis of children’s artifacts (drawings & responses/messages) will provide data to gain an understanding of children’s responses to the world in which they live. The final Report will be shared with major international, regional and local stakeholders.

Interested To Be Involved?

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Participating Schools will Receive

● The “Step by step process” on how to submit children’s artifacts & children’s messages that will be displayed on the 1st Voices of Children International online Gallery

● Access to the Voices of Children online community for educators to find resources and to upload children’s artworks & children’s messages

● Invitation letter and messages for educators to share with parents with ideas and activities to support their children at home

● Recording of (3) Voices of Children Training sessions hosted during the 2021 Bright Start International Conference 

● Voices of Children Training Session in April 2022 to support preparations for hosting the Voices of Children Gallery in your  centers -”How to set up the 1st Voices of Children Exhibition in your center’’ 

● The Step By Step Guide  on How to Set Up and Host the 1st Voices of Children exhibition in your center in  2022

Participating Schools: Will be acknowledged as Project Champions at a country level and internationally

  • Participating Educators: Will be acknowledged as Project Leaders at a country level and internationally & will receive their 1st Voices of Children Certificate of Recognition 
  • Participating Children: Will receive their 1st Voices of Children Certificate of Achievement & will create their 1st Voices of Children Arts Gallery